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It's been almost a year since Blythe was forced to strike out on her own. Now she's trapped in an unfamiliar village during the dead of winter without her priceless sword. Can she survive when she gets caught up between a master swordsman and a vengeful sorceress?

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Oasis cover


Novel. An ER nurse struggles to survive in a small desert city beset by zombies.

Journey of St. Laurent cover

The Journey of St. Laurent

Novel. When aliens attack the US, an ER nurse searches for the same zombie virus that destroyed Oasis.

Pride of the Traveler

Pride of the Traveler

Short Story. A traveling swordsman gets in over his head when he challenges a local authority to a fight.

The Apocalypse cover

The Apocalypse of Blythe

Short Story. A tavern girl picks a fight with a particularly disgusting customer. Furious swordplay ensues. Sword & Sorcery Action.

epic Dad cover

Epic Dad

Flash Fiction. Conan, if he was a modern father. Or perhaps the story of a father who reads too much Conan. Published on Immortal Works's podcast.

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mother cover


Flash Fiction. A father who has lost a child watches a horrible mother being horrible, then decides to take action.

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A New Year's Revolution - cover

A New Year's Revolution

Flash Fiction. A man struggles with right, wrong, treason & duty. How far will he go to uphold his beliefs?

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Alexander Adam Astronaut cover

Alexander Adam Astronaut

Picture Book. A completely rediculous bedtime story I wrote for my son.

IAmA MIB AMA cover


Short Story. A man has a terrifying experience with a government agent. Read for free:

Alex and Chance vs the Men in Black cover

Alex and Chance vs the Men in Black

Audio Theater Script. Newlyweds Alex and Chance see a UFO. Soon after, strange men show up to conficate the photos. What horrible secrets will our lovebirds uncover?

Mama Vera's Diner

Mama Vera's Diner

Audio Theater Script. A man travelling home becomes trapped in a mystical diner with a bizarre proprieter.


Bryce Beattie

Hi, I'm Bryce. I write primarily action/adventure fiction in a variety of genres. I'm a family man living just north of Salt Lake City, Utah with my wife, 3 daughters and son. I like to read stories written by folks like Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs & Lester Dent. I often listen to old time radio programs. I’m a very religious (LDS) guy and a libertarian. I love, jazz and blues music, firearms, writing, reading, computer security topics, and I believe in being prepared, laughing often, and showing respect to people around me. If you'd like to know more about me, visit my blog at StoryHack.com or hit me up on social media.

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